Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Waste Heat Recovery

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SME provides the most efficient WHRU’s available based on our unique modular design and plate fin/tube technology. We offer a scope of supply from heat recovery coil modules to full turn-key systems and a product selection from standard to fully custom engineered.

With over 70 installed units SME Products is not a new player to the market and has the process, applications and manufacturing expertise to make your project a success.


Available Materials: SS Fins, Tubeside can be any material, Ductin and Structure to meet design requirements

Typical Applications: Turbine Exhaust, Engine Exhaust, Oven Exhaust, Hot Oil, Heating Medium

Min Temp: -120°F

Max Temp: 1100°F

Max Pressure: 1400 psi

Design Codes Available: ASME, PED, CRN


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