Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG)

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The heat recovery OTSG is designed without boiler drums and uses feed-water pumps to circulate water through the unit in a continuous path without separate sections for economizers, evaporators and super-heaters, with an output range on 20-500 MMBtu/hr.


Available Materials: Carbon Steel, SS, CRA

Typical Applications: Typical Waste Heat Producers: Boilers, Fired Heaters, Dryers, Exhaust, Flue Gas, Thermal Oxidizers, Kilns. Typical Waste Heat Users: Building Heat, Air Preheaters, Process Heat, Steam Injectors, Water Heating, Other Direct Process Heating

Max Temp: 1050F

Max Pressure: 1500 psi

Design Codes Available: ASME, API, USCG, DNV, CRN, PED


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