Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel Gas Dew Point Conditioning Skids
Made by SME Process Solution, LLC.

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Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid / JT Skid

Description of the Skid

High BTU gas can quickly damage major engine components and dramatically increase maintenance cost. An SME Products Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid, which is a JT Skid using the Joule-Thomson effect, separates and removes the propane & “heavy” hydrocarbons and provide a “lean” low BTU fuel stream. The pressure drop of the fuel gas from pipeline pressure to engine supply provides the necessary refrigeration so that no moving parts are typically required. SME Products can offer a variety of standard configurations and sizes to meet most applications.


Typical Applications: Gas Engine Fuel Gas Conditioning

Min Temp: -260°F

Max Temp: 150°F

Max Pressure: 1440 psi

Design Codes Available: ASME


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