ACE Model E

Horizontal Core / Vertical Discharge



Model E Specifications:

  • Horizontal Fan / Horizontal Core / Vertical Air Discharge
  • Electric Motor Drive
  • Hung Drive or Plenum Mounted Drive
  • Forced or Induced Draft


  • Available in single to four fan configurations to provide proper cooling surface area in one structure
  • Multi-fan units allow one or more fans to be turned down/off in cold months to reduce power consumption
  • VFD compatible electric drive design allows controlled power consumption
  • Off-skid design allows for installation on multiple terrain types
  • Can be shipped direct-to-site with minimal installation requirement


Available Materials: Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS

Design Codes Available: ASME, API661, NACE, CRN

Typical Applications: Gas Compression, Gas Processing, Refining, Process


Product Brochure: Download PDF