HgA – Vapor Phase Mercury Removal


Hg-A Mercury Adsorbent used for cleaning mercury from gasses in mercury guard beds and mercury removal processes.

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HgA Overview for Mercury Guard Beds and Mercury Removal

HgA, is an impregnated activated carbon for use in Mercury Removal applications and commonly as a Mercury Guard Bed for Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (BAHX) and other vapor phase Mercury Capture processes.  HgA is a pellet form, steam activated carbon which has been sulphur impregnated for mercury adsorption in vapor form from natural gas and hydrogen streams.  This product is available in 3mm and 4mm diameter pellets, and in special particle sizes tailored for specific applications.  Product packaging is available in 275 lb steel drums, on pallets of four drums per pallet, in 50 lb bags, and in 1,100 lb super-sacks.

HgA is designed for mercury removal from vapor such as air, hydrogen, natural gas, and other gas streams, but is not suitable for liquid hydrocarbons.  HgA removes virtually all of the mercury in the filtered gas and chemically bonds Mercury to form Mercuric Sulfide, a substance that is insoluble in water and thus passes the solubility test for Hazardous Materials allowing it to be accepted at local landfills.  HgA has a proven capacity for mercury and can achieve less that 0.1 PPB (V) (1 µg/Nm3) mercury vapor effluent concentrations in commercial installations.

SME has been selling and supporting HgA for 35 years with a continued standard of excellence.  We offer full Mercury Guard Bed design services, mercury content testing services and of course the Mercury Adsorbent product itself.  With minimal data such as your vapor composition, flowrates, pressure and temperature we can quickly determine your required bed size and vessel dimensions.  Our proprietary Mercury Pilot Test units can be used to determine your vapor stream mercury concentration to best decide the need for Mercury Removal.  Whether used in a mercury guard bed or in normal gas mercury removal, HgA is an effective for Mercury Capture.


Typical Applications: Cryogenic Plant (BAHX) Mercury Guard Bed, Power Plant Gas Mercury Removal, Fume Hood Mercury Removal


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