HgA-LW – Mercury Capture

Mercury Capture for Water

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HgA-LW Mercury Capture Overview for Liquid Water Systems

Hg-A (LW)®, a common mercury adsorbent, is a pelleted, steam activated carbon which has been sulphur impregnated for mercury removal and mercury capture from liquid water. This product is available in 1.5 mm,3mm and 4mm diameter pellets, and in special particle sizes tailored for specific applications  Product packaging is available in 275 lb steel drums, on pallets of four drums per pallet, in 50 lb bags, and in 1,100 lb supersacks.

Hg-A-LW is designed for mercury removal and mercury capture from water and other liquid streams. It has proven its capacity for mercury and ability to achieve less than 0.1 PPB (V) (1 µg/Nm3) mercury effluent concentrations in commercial installations.

Use of this product to remove mercury from water, because of the chemical bonding of the mercury to the sulphur content inside of the impregnated carbon, results in the formation of Mercuric Sulphide, a substance which is insoluble in water and thus does not meet the solubility test for Hazardous Material and may be accepted by landfills in some areas. Site specific disposal plans should be created.


Typical Applications: Water Treatment


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