Standard Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Sondex Standard Plate & Frame



Sondex standard plate and frame can be customized to meet specifications, and the pattern of the plates are designed to solve a variety of different heat exchanger applications.

On the list of advantages of using this type of exchanger:
– The plates and plate patterns are constructed to obtain a high thermal efficiency with a low pressure drop
– There are two pattern designs available with different pressing angles giving respectively high/low turbulence flow, dependent on the given selection
– The inlet channels allow for maximum strength in the inlet area, whilst maintaining minimum of contact points, reducing blockage at the flow distribution zone
– The inlet design ensures even distribution of the liquids across the heating surface
– The gasket is placed in a dedicated retaining gasket groove. This secures the elasticity of the gasket even after a long time of compression


Available Materials: Stainless, Titanium, Alloys

Typical Applications: Used in the petrochemical industry, chemical industry, food-dairy industry, marine off-shore industry. In the gas industry it is mostly used in liquid/liquid applications, and some examples are: rich/lean amine heat exchanger, glycol-glycol exchanger, water-water exchanger for cooling towers

Min Temp: 0°F

Max Temp: 450°F

Max Pressure: 400 psi

Design Codes Available: ASME


Product Brochure: Download PDF