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Vane packs are used in industrial applications for the removal of entrained liquids from gas streams by aggregating the mist into droplets.  There are several different styles of vanes available on the market, each having there own inherent sizing criteria and turn down ratios.  They all have the same basic means of separation in that gas is forced to change direction several times.  The liquid, having a higher specific gravity cannot change direction as quickly and coalesces onto the vane blades. Some vanes do not use drainage channels and must be run at much lower velocities. Utilizing proper drainage channels, the liquid is then removed from the gas flow and enables high velocites to be run through the vane pack. The end result is dry/clean gas emerging from the exit of the vane pack.

petroMESH has developed the ENHANCED DOUBLE POCKETED (EDP) design vane (patent pending) and has hundreds of installations around the world. The EDP vane has been tested in head to head wind tunnel studies against traditional double pocket designs and proven to be superior.  CFD studies have confirmed the superior separation performance. The design of our petroMESH EDP vanes allows us to get our customers in the smallest possible vessel with a guaranteed separation performance.   Our experienced engineers can help you with your vessel design.

A petroMESH EDP Vane Pack solution offers:

  • High volume/velocity capabilities
  • High efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Handling of liquid slugs, viscous liquids, high liquid load, and low re-entrainment
  • The smallest possible vessel size
  • Resistance to fouling and no maintenance as there are no moving parts
  • Sturdy construction

Some of the typical applications for a petroMESH EDP Vane Pack include (but are not limited to) natural gas cleaners, scrubbers, evaporators, absorbers, and steam drying.

The following should be considered when sizing a vessel and vane pack:

  • Flow rate
  • Inlet pressure
  • Inlet temperature
  • Specific gravity of the gas
  • Compressibility


Available Materials:  316/316L SS, 304/304L SS, Other

Typical Applications: Scrubbers, Separators

Multiple variations for installation are available


Product Brochure: Download PDF