Alfa Laval – Air Cooled Exchangers

The Alfa Laval ACE product range offers robust, rugged and efficient cooling solutions for even the harshest environments. For over 50 years, these air cooled exchangers have been custom-designed and manufactured for upstream, midstream and downstream applications – specifically in the gas compression and gas processing markets.

Alfa Laval ACE was founded in Tulsa, OK under the name Air Cooled Exchangers (ACE) in 1964 and was acquired by Alfa Laval in 2012. The company is located on an 18 acre facility in Broken Arrow, OK and has over 142,000 square feet of enclosed shop space, including three paint booths and one metalizing facility. Alfa Laval ACE is an ASME shop and can meet the rigorous requirements of API-661 when requested.

Alfa Laval ACE’s quotation process and in-house proprietary rating program allows sales engineers to quickly and efficiently optimize air cooled exchangers specific to our customer’s needs. Coupled with AutoDesk Inventor, our engineering team utilizes proprietary drawing technology to reduce lead times and rapidly produce detailed 3D models. The ability to meet quick deliveries has become a trademark to Alfa Laval ACE. Nearly all of the components that go into the coolers are fabricated in-house. This includes not only the structure and headers, but the louvers and fin-tubes as well. Alfa Laval ACE is constantly focused on streamlining the manufacturing process to ensure competitive lead times and superior quality.

The Hilliard Corporation – HILCO

The Hilliard Corporation offers a broad line of oil filtration and reclaiming equipment with filtration systems sold under the trade name of Hilco. Hilliard products are designed, manufactured, and sold according to each customers’ applications. As a result, HILCO has a large range of custom-engineered products that can be quickly modified to meet new applications. Hilliard often works with customers to research and test products, acting as a lab for specific applications.

Founded in 1905, The Hilliard Corporation has evolved from a one-product business into a special applications engineering company. At Hilliard, quality is a way of doing business. Each of HILCO’s processes is documented to regulate operation, even on very short production runs. Experienced machinists and code welders work efficiently to keep operating costs low while transforming blueprints into products. Following documented processes, the HILCO craftsmen use bar-coded, computerized production controls to guarantee high-quality output. The goal of HILCO is to manufacture products that solve customer problems and are willing to modify existing products, or develop new ones, respond quickly to requests, and take on complicated projects for sophisticated applications. In short, HILCO will work with you to get the job done.

HILCO has supplied thousands of filters, coalescers, and systems to OEM turbine and engine manufactures to maintain cleanliness to their specifications. HILCO has broad experience in many applications such as:

  • Loading/Unloading
  • Transfer
  • Forwarding
  • Tank Maintenance/Clean-up
  • Suction Strainers
  • Mobile-Portable/Stationary Systems
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning
  • In-line/Kidney Loop/Point of Use/Last Chance

Striving for continuous improvement in testing of vessel designs, cartridge configuration, and cartridge media, Hilco is able to offer the customer a customized and optimized solution to their filtration application that will ensure equipment reliability.

Sondex USA

Sondex USA is a division of Sondex A/S a Danish company specialized in the development, production and global marketing of plate heat exchangers and freshwater distillers. Since inception in 1984 Sondex has grown into one of the leading plate heat exchanger companies on the world market and has developed a world class range of plate heat exchangers for any task. Apart from the traditional gasketed plate heat exchangers the product range includes copper brazed, semi-welded, all-welded plate and spiral heat exchangers as well as freshwater distillers based on the plate heat exchanger technology in single- or multistage.

Sondex delivers standard plate heat exchangers as well as customized heat transfer solutions for any task. The Sondex plate pattern is designed to solve a variety of different heat exchanger applications giving a low cost/high efficiency unit, the plates can be made of different materials such as stainless in multiple alloys or titanium and offers multiple gasket materials depending on the process fluids used. The range of products offered by Sondex can facilitate the use of plate exchangers well outside the traditional limitations with pressure capabilities up to 1000 psig and temperature from-290 °F to 750 °F.

With an industry leading plate heat exchanger range Sondex has the optimal technical solution for any possible task. The unique inlet design and plate patterns ensure a high thermal efficiency and heat transmission for any given pressure drop. You can look to Sondex for all of your Plate Heat Exchanger needs.

CoreWorks Cryogenics

We build the highest-quality systems, but your benefits begin long before a single fin is manufactured. We work closely with you to build cost and operating benefits into the project up front, such as minimizing plant real estate and support structure requirements. Our advanced engineering assures that your process will work with our core designs, and our system’s multiple-stream capacity reduces the need for complex components. Everything we do is geared toward boosting process efficiency, maximizing operating parameters, reducing lifecycle costs – and ultimately helping you achieve CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Manufacturing excellence
Our systems are designed and built to rigorously high standards, plus we have the production capacity to deliver on time. Our manufacturing partner is CoreWorks Cryogenic, a world-class company with the resources to ensure your equipment is built quickly, cost-effectively and to virtually any national code. CoreWorks has 300,000 square feet of BAHX capacity and nearly twice that space for cold box and vessel assembly. Contact us if you would like to see our factory in person.

Strong relationships
Our technology is unmatched, but it’s our people who make that technology truly valuable to you. We work with you through every step of the project to ensure your goals are met. We look for ways to trim days, if not weeks, from the delivery schedule, so you can get into production faster. We pre-validate solutions to assure smooth installation and startup with minimal or no callbacks.
To us, a strong relationship and satisfied customer is what success looks like. And we will stop at nothing short of your success.

INTEC Energy Systems

INTEC Engineering GmbH and its’ subsidiary INTEC Energy Systems is an international company successfully operating in the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of thermal energy systems. INTEC has established itself as a trade name in the field of industrial process heaters.  The INTEC team is your partner in the entire process, beginning with the first concept, continuing with the engineering and concluding with the commissioning of the plants. Thanks to the valuable suggestions made by our customers combined with the competence of our engineers, our performance level represents state-of-the-art technology.

During the past few years, INTEC Energy Systems has experienced a continuous growth. Due to our sales organization that operates worldwide, our export activities show high rates of increase.  Customers from all over the world and from various industrial sectors rely on our expertise and on our high-quality products.

Product Range

Our range of products covers the delivery of complete energy plants to the supply of individual components, such as gas or oil fired thermal oil heaters, waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, indirect heated steam generators, high pressure steam boilers and hot-gas generators using step grates to burn biomass and solid fuels.  Our scope of products is rounded off by our service concept, which is an integral part of our mission statement.  We focus on reliability, quality and on close cooperation with our customers.


Industrial Process Products – petroMESH

petroMESH was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada – the heart of the Canadian oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

Our goal is to supply the competitive mist elimination equipment of the  highest quality and quickest delivery in the market. Products include knitted wire mesh mist eliminator pads, now marketed under the trade name petroMESH DEMISTER® and Enhanced Double Pocketed (EDP) Vane Packs (US Patent 8,444,732) enabling the smallest vessels to be used in gas liquid separation applications.

petroMESH has grown into a worldwide company offering complete gas liquid separation solutions and engineering services. We utilize the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry and are dedicated to ongoing innovative solutions through our superior research and development unit. Inside our R&D department you will find sophisticated equipment including our wind tunnel lab and computer fluid design (cfd) capabilities.

Petromesh Inc. (petroMESH) is closely affiliated with Industrial Process Products Ltd. (IPP) who market our products worldwide through local representatives such as SME Associates. Our success is due to providing consistent prompt customer service and high quality products. Our rush delivery combined with specialty design solutions utilizing our innovation and R&D qualities allow us to succeed globally.

Industrial Heat Transfer (IHT)

IHT’s experts design the heat transfer solutions you want with the quality you expect.

Our continuous plate fin and tube designs will give the highest performance and lowest pressure drop versus other coil heatexchanger types.

When other suppliers won’t work with you ask our heat exchanger design experts.  We have thrived on solving your complex problems for almost 30 years.

From custom designs, to replacements or repairs, our success is measured by your success!

AO Manufacturing

AO Manufacturing specializes in the design and manufacture of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for all industries with a focus on exchangers for the Oil and Gas and Chemical industries. Located in Conroe, Texas the AO Manufacturing management team has over 29 year of experience in the heat exchanger industry and is full service exchanger provider.

AO Manufacturing is more than manufacturing with the capabilities to support your project from start to finish. Our services include thermal calculations done in the bidding stages with the world renowned software from AspenTech, followed with the preparation of detailed dimensional and fabrication drawings in AutoCAD, and finally the fabrication of the product under a strict quality control program and follow TEMA guidelines, ASME standards, and customer supplied specifications throughout the process.

AO provides the full range of TEMA shell and tube heat exchangers, which are classified using the three letter codes: the first letter designates the type of head at the front of the exchanger. The middle letter represents the body of the type of shell, and the third letter designates the rear type of end at the rear of the unit. These exchangers work with mostly any fluid in all industry varying from single phase to two phase exchanging (reboiling and condensing process fluids using heating or cooling media respectively); and being able to operate in an extensive range of temperature (-300 °F to 1,500 °F) and pressure (0.01 psig to 6000 psig) making the shell and tube exchanger one of the most versatile exchangers in the industry. In addition to the TEMA standard exchangers AO designs custom units to meet specific customer requests.

The AO Manufacturing facility is situated in Conroe Texas, near Houston, and has access to a wide range of materials and specialty services in addition to it’s extensive in house manufacturing capabilities. Whatever your exchanger needs, SME in partnership with AO Manufacturing can meet them.

Brune Engineered Products, a division of Omega Thermo Products

Brune Engineered Products, a division of Omega Thermo Products, is a leading manufacturer of high quality inflated plate heat exchangers, utilizing the proven technology of CNC laser welding. This process allows design and quality control that has not been obtainable by traditionally welded heat transfer surfaces. Omega is the largest producer of inflated plate type heat exchangers in the world, with millions of square feet in operation today.

Omega is best known as the inventor of laser welding for use in manufacturing inflated heat transfer products. Now, more than 20 years later, Omega is recognized as the world leader in this industry. Having its US Manufacturing & Head Office in Stratford, Wisconsin, and with manufacturing facilities strategically placed around the globe, Omega’s products can be seen throughout the world in virtually every industry.

The inflated plate heat exchangers are produced on a state-of-the-art CNC operated laser welding machine. This allows production to exact desired specifications each and every time. CNC capability also allows the optimization of tank shell and plate layouts, to maximize heat transfer area and minimize heat loss.

Omega produces a wide variety of heated and refrigerated plates, including immersion plates, plate bank assemblies, clamp-on plates and jacketed shells. All heat exchange transfer surfaces and assemblies can be designed, fabricated, and stamped to meet the regulations of ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1.